12th June 2012 - 15th June 2012

Global assessment for organic resources and waste management: Assessment of technologies for optimal organics management processes and enlightened environmental policies. June 12th – 15th 2012 in Rennes, France.

During the last years, a big strength has been put on organic resources recovery in order to achieve our aspiration towards a « Recycling Society » and climate stabilisation. Energy, nutrients and organic matter needs have thus driven sustainable management of resources and wastes and promoted new technological developments. In this context, biological processing of organic wastes and the use of natural resources to recover nutrients as phosphorus, to produce soil improvers and to supply energy is of great interest. However regulations on the management of organic resources waste are fragmented. So the current legislation in Europe might be not sufficient to achieve the stated objectives of its effective management. Moreover there is an open question on the tools that can be used to assess the efficiency of management systems for organic resources and waste which lead to the adequate processes selection. Especially the increasing use of Life Cycle Assessment tools has to be carefully addressed with a special focus on the considered indicators and the local applicability of the results.


ECN Workshop 2012

From Waste to Product – Sustainable Management of Organic Resources in Europe

June 13, 2012, during the 8th International Conference ORBIT2012 in Rennes.

The ECN Workshop 2012 focusses on the current European strategies and policies towards a “Recycling Society” including a sustainable management of organic resources in Europe. 10 years after the foundation of the European Compost Network in Budapest we have now achieved the level where the sustainable management of biowaste forms a sound basis for a resource efficient recycling society which produces and uses successfully fertilising and soil improving products from our organic resources. Main topics of the ECN Workshop will be the initiatives of European Policy, the status of biowaste management in Europe and effective strategies for the markets of compost and digestates.